Monday, August 29, 2016

Lessons I have learned...

What a year this has been. I thought editing prose books was hard - US versus UK spelling, it's versus its, from versus from, orphans and widows! But editing my first knitting book has taken editing to a whole new level, maybe even a new paradigm!

Completing two knitting books in short succession was not ideal - I was editing one while writing the other. And knitting both in the round and flat at the same time hasn't been helpful!

But in the end, I just have to admit I am not perfect (far from it!) and a few errors have crept in. I am sorry. I apologise unreservedly if you are frustrated and annoyed because you have already invested time in your project and you now need to redo it. I remember being frustrated by this myself in the past.

My tip, which I think is worth charing, is whenever you pick up a book - from a shop, from the library, form a friend - always check online to see if there are any published errata (fancy word for corrections!). I have found this has saved me time in the past.

My undertaking to you is to keeping aiming to produce books and patterns that have no mistakes in them. In the meantime, if you find a mistake, please tell me.
happy knitting, Gillian

ps the errata for my Hats to Knit book can be found here.