Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When is a book not a book? When is a phone not a phone?

I have just taken possession of a new iPhone 4S. In reality the telephone functions are not that great - there are no dedicated call and quit buttons; the email functions are fairly challenging, and  I like the keyboard on my Blackberry better. But, you don't buy a phone cause you want to call someone easily right? Its all the OTHER stuff.

The screen is divine - crystal clear and huge. The apps are plentiful and having said I would not download any, I have already downloaded several. They are simply irresistible! So, the first one was the Kindle app. So I can now access my kindle books on my phone...nice! And the screen is very readable. Then it was Facebook, Goodreads, an online auction site....and the latest ones  tonight - I downloaded an interactive periodic table, a night sky app and the Lion Brand app. Mental note - look up eSty and Ravelry!

So the phone is not a phone after all.

Copyright Guy Laramee
Copyright Guy Laramee
And books, well they've been morphing into a digital form for a while. So when I came across French Canadian artist Guy Laramee, I just had to share. The exquisite carvings created from "real' books are astounding.

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