Saturday, June 23, 2012

Faith Restored

Caroljean Brune, of Kansas has restored my faith in humankind. Take a look at this little gem of an idea. It's a free library that is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The rules are simple, take a book out, put a book in. I hope that her community value what a great initiative this is. It seems, though that the "owner" of this library has long been interested in salvaging mankind, you can read about her protests here.

I do think it an important part of our modern society that people give freely of their time to improve the world we live in. I think it is particularly valuable when personal sacrifice (including financial) is made for beliefs. Many of us are busy working to keep the banks at bay and creating (books and artworks) to keep the mind sane, but I hope that one day I too will have sufficient means and time to offer my free services to society. In the meantime, I will treasure these gems.


  1. I have thought about would need to be plastic I guess for our weather, maybe we could start something....